Wongawollan Rd Prescribed Burn

Our training on the evening of Tuesday, 1st October 2013 was to burn a large pile of forest rubbish on the property at 84 Wongawallan Road. Greg was OIC and Roger was IC at the burn site. The layout was as shown on the map with all four of our vehicles in use. In addition to Greg and Roger, the following were present: Geoff S, Donna, Garry (first time at a Brigade fire), Maria, Tony D, Don, Barry, Braden (Barry’s grandson and his first time at a Brigade fire), Grai, Kent, Val, Peter W (just back from two years overseas) and Robbo giving a total of 15 members present.

From its location, pointing uphill and at the bottom end of the steep and twisty entry road, TM52 supplied two 25mm layflat hoses (thin yellow lines on the map) – one of 3 rolls and one of 4 rolls – to the fire site. This was down the slope among the trees and quite near the edge of the Botanic Gardens. From a little further up the road, TM51 refilled 52’s water via a 37mm layflat. TM41 was just up from that again and supplied drip torches plus operators. TM81, as command vehicle and member transport, was alongside 52. The locations are shown on the map.

The large pile was dry and burned very well. High flames were controlled with water from the two hoses and potential spot-overs by embers were controlled using backpacks. Burn conditions were ideal with a breeze from the East and high ambient humidity. The burn was very successful, with rapid reduction of the mass of material but without harm to the surrounding vegetation. Shortly after 2100 the pile had burned right down and was finally extinguished with the hoses. Then we made up, dragging individual hose lengths up the hill to the truck.

We had a comprehensive debrief on site plus thanks from the property owner and then returned to the Station with 51 and 52 refilling at Holt Road. Last home was TM52 which was code 5 at 21.50.

This was a first rate training exercise and a good introduction to real fire for our two newest members.

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