Whom do you call?

For real emergencies 000. This should be treated with respect as per the recent TV campaign regarding Ambulance calls. If you really need an ambulance, police or fire protection call 000. This includes smoke sightings which are concerning you. It is better to have a fire reported twice early rather than late when it is out of control. If a fire permit has been issued, FireCom will already have been advised and can reassure you.
However, for fire prevention advice and general information, one does not call “000”, the emergency number. So who does one call?
For links to the daily Roundup, Daily Hotspots, Fire Bans and the four day Fire Danger Rating Graph, an excellent resource, refer to the http://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au/ homepage

During a Declared Fire Danger Period there is a ban on all open fires including small rubbish heaps unless you have a permit! At other times, for a permit to burn a heap of rubbish which measures two metres or more in any direction, one should ring the Fire Warden on 0408 199 271.
For advice on such topics as smoke alarms, a fire escape planner for one’s house, bushfire defence around one’s home or any similar topic of concern refer to the Rural Fire Service website http://ruralfire.qld.gov.au/Fire_Safety_and_You/  or try 1300 369 003, the Smart Service Queensland Customer Service Agents who will try their best to give you the right information or put you onto a Queensland Fire and Rescue Service person who may be able to help.
For general information about the Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade have a look at this web-site. For further information, ring the Brigade’s general enquiry number 0407 747 999, write to the Secretary at P.O. Box 160, North Tamborine,  4272, or e-mail the secretary@tmrfb.org.au


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