What a load of old rubbish

By Olle Bakker

In the early hours (0715) of Thursday the 20th April, 2 Tamborine Mountain Rural Crews were dispatched via pagers to a Rubbish Bin Fire at the Transfer Station on Knoll Road North Tamborine.

A crew of John Heydon (TM2) and Rory Merlo were first to dispatch and arrive on scene in TM 41 followed by John Robertson and Olle Bakker in TM51 and even closer again being followed by Steve Luckett (TM1) in his private vehicle.

Once on the scene we found heavy smoke from burning material emitting out of the right hand side hopper bin, TM 41 had already deployed their Case 1 (rubber hose) and had started to knock down the smoke and smother the burning ashes smouldering under the tin meata by method of Foam, soon TM51 were on scene and in action with thier Case 1 and duly repeated the action taken by TM41.

As getting to the seat of the fire was obstructed by the tin metal sheeting dumped there TM1, Stevo decided that he would tie a piece of string (which brings me to ask.. How long is a piece of string?) to the rakehoe thus allowing a pendulum effect and to grip on to the sheet metal and thus being able to peel it back and expose the smouldering ashes lying below.

This technique was a stroke of a genious and worked very effectively to remove the sheet metal.

After draining TM 41’s (600lt) tank twice and leaving approx 200-300lt left in TM51 (1600lt truck) we finally managed to leave the bin cold,foamy and dead. Then not finished there Steve decided to enter the bin to spread the tin sheets so we could make sure all was black (I reckon he was really doing a victory dance in there or the Balmain Tap Dance), but next minute a yellow helmet emerges out of the bin and comes to a rest followed by Steve gingerly climbing up the ladder and delariously laying down on a grassy patch feeling a little out of sorts.

As a precautionary measure Steve was driven by TM2 John to the quacks for a quick check up and Rory, Quartermaster John and I left to make up and Code 4 back to station.

A quick debrief followed as Mitre (TM2) 10 John and Steve retuned with good tidings that Steve had been cleared of any problems.

Home shower and start work.

Stand-down @ 1025.

Just couple of things to ponder on.. Why were we Rurals turned out to a Rubbish Bin fire where we have no BA (Breathing Apparatus’) and god knows what is lurking in those bins?

Are we according to Fircom the primary responding Brigade due to location?

On the hindsight we got a fire all to ourselves (may sound selfish, but hey we did) and I reckon we were just as efficient and effective as our Red brother counterparts.

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