Western Escarpment Training

by John Robertson

On Wednesday evening 6th December Paul, TM2, had yet another excellent training plan for us. A fire was on its way up the Western Escarpment and our job was to set a backburn down the slope against the on-coming fire. All three trucks with full crews plus the now customary car load of other members went respectively to the Polish Place, the Rotary Lookout and the point opposite the end of Laheys Road. There our job was to light up the drip torches, go through the motions (but not the actuality) of lighting the backburn and then put in a wet line to make sure the burn went westwards and no where else. There a was a 30+ km wind so TM1 prudently decided that the drip torches should not be lit. On the other side of the road from the hang-glider site Paul put down half a dozen mini witches hats to represent spotovers.

The crew at the Polish Place made short work of their task including beating out all the spotovers, recovering the witches hats and reporting Kestrel readings to Exercise Control. It left time, in the strong work lights of 52, for some nice easy going general instruction by Darryl of our recent members including our newest, Nicole. It made a very happy combination.

The only black spot were the radios in 52 which were still crook from last week. However, VHF communication on the move was successfully maintained by recent member Malcolm using a handheld with its aerial out of the truck window. Another very good evening!

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