‘Weather’ or Not

At 1300 on Sunday 8th April 2013 seven members – Roger (TM1), Greg, Kent, Jamie, Grai, Adrian and Robbo came with TM41 and TM51 to the site for the intended Kaiser Road brushwood pile burn. For Grai and Adrian it was their first RFS fire.
The site off Kaiser Road is as shown on the map. The owner plus three helpers were also there. It was a large pile but with too much earth, too much retained rainfall and too much heavy greenery to allow a successful burn. We did produce a good show of flames round the periphery but did not get the main body of the pile to burn. We decided to try again another day when things are much drier.
There was an interesting novelty; the owner is a 35-year veteran of many such burns and used a conventional backpack with diesel fuel rather than water to help the fire along. It worked equally well with our drip torch fuel. This is a technique well worth copying for such timber-pile burns. Drip torches remain the go for our normal backburns
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