Taylor Lane Burnoff

by John Robertson

On Tuesday 24th April members gathered at the Station at 12:00 for a burnoff of two large stacks of timber on a property off Taylor Lane and just to the east of Roslyn Lodge and the adjacent shops. Roger was fire boss and Jenny was there to see fair play. 51 had Rory as team leader, Barry as driver and John H as crew; 52 had Shane as team leader, Robbo as driver and John F as crew. The whole exercise ran in copy book fashion helped by a 12 kph or so breeze mainly from the SE. Smoke was kept away from Roslyn Lodge and, indeed, from all properties in the vicinity. There was a shed very close to the eastern pile and some shrubs also. They were quite untouched by the fire. The effectiveness of controlling flame height above a strongly burning stack by small injections of water into the base of the fire was demonstrated. 51’s stack disgorged a venomous snake which slithered back into the burning pile – not a career move! 52’s stack had two bags of chemical fertiliser at its centre. Those were raked clear of the fire to avoid the possibility of toxic fumes being created.

After a couple of hours burning the timber was almost all reduced to ash and both areas were well wetted down to ensure they were completely extinguished. The trucks replenished water at Kidd Street and thence to the Station for a short debrief on this incident and also those at Birnam and Benobble last week. Stand down at 15:30.

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