A selective page called for additional water to support the Urban Brigade at the waste station where once again one of the large bins was well alight, on Thursday morning, 19th Dec.

From our station, TM1 phoned Neville who had not received the page. He arrived to find TM1 and Robbo in action supplying water to the Urban unit. When TM52 needed refilling, Neville joined Robbo for the trip to Holt Road which allowed TM1 to return to work.

No further water was required as Council staff had used a tractor to tip the container on its side and spread the waste material, allowing the Urban crew to completely extinguish the last of it. TM52 was returned to the station about 10.45 and the hand held radio to its cradle.

Subsequently, our Communications Officer, Tony, who also had not received the initial page, checked out the glitch with our pageing service “3” and arranged for test pages during the afternoon.

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