Tamborine Times 6 August 2015

In preparation towards the next fire season,our light fire-fighting appliance has recently undergone a major upgrade. This vehicle was due to be replaced in 2020 but the Management Committee decided at a recent meeting to keep the vehicle until 2025. The decision that had also been pending for sometime was to have a turbo fitted to improve the power as the vehicle was greatly under powered.The new turbo adds 30% more power to the engine at no extra fuel cost. At the same time, the tyres and rims were replaced to improve safety and handling.
In my last article I talked about Emergency Services Cadets starting on the Mountain but unfortunately only 1 Adult Leader has come forward to assist. You don’t have to be a part of Emergency Services to become an adult leader, in fact you could be a parent of an intended cadet. If you are able to spare a couple of hours per week it would greatly assist the programme and for further information or to express your interest, please contact Nicole from PCYC on 0429 346 303 .
A few weeks ago I wrote that Frank Rotherham, as committee member of the U3A Group on the Mountain, offered to organise concerts at the Zamia Theatre in September, with all proceeds after minimal costs, coming to the Rural Fire Brigade.
Well, in about 6 weeks time it’s on! There will be an Evening performance on Saturday, September 12 th at 7 pm,as well as a Matinee show on Sunday the 13 th at 2 pm. Tickets will soon be available from Spice of Life, or through Frank on 5545 3116.
Look out for the posters, and the banner is already up in Main Street with details.
There will be tables of 8, and our other latest Supporter, Tamborine Mountain Cheese Factory, is donating a cheese platter to every table. Thanks Meredith.
Almost 20 individual performers will feature per each show, with talent like Fodor, Marilyn Matheson, Laurence Manitzky and many many more.

Thanks to Frank and everyone involved for an amazing opportunity for a great purpose,and we hope to see you all there.

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