Tamborine Times 31st March 2016


Did you know that the 1st April is recognized throughout Australia as the day to replace your SMOKE ALARM batteries. The main reason for this is that records indicate that the majority of house fires occur during June, July and August whilst we are using heating, therefore we need to make sure that our batteries are strong and able to detect any smoke in the house.
So don’t be an April Fool and change your batteries as it is ONLY working smoke alarms that saves lives. Even if your smoke alarms are hard wired (that is connected to the 240 volt power supply) you still need to replace the batteries as it can happen that if you have an electrical fire and the circuit breaker trips and turns the power off, unless your battery is working your alarm will not have any power to operate.
Whilst the battery is being replaced it is recommended that you check the replacement date on the alarm as they have a life of 10 years then must be replaced. The replacement date will be visible once the alarm is opened.
If yours have reached the replacement date, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services recommend that you replace them with the “Photo Electric” style as they pick up smoldering fires much earlier that the older “Ionisation” style which can be identified by the radiation symbol marked on them.
If you need any clarification on smoke alarms, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Volunteer Community Educators on 0438 558 414.

Geoff Richardson AFSM
Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade
Volunteer Community Educator Area Co-ordinator
0438 558 414

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