Surrounding Parks

Being up on the mountain and surrounded by National Parks means that a lot of the work carried out by the Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade is by its very nature “off road”. While our Medium Attack units and other vehicles are suited to deal with this, it is critical that our drivers are trained to safely handle them in these rugged conditions as well as in all weathers.

Last Saturday 9 Fire fighters undertook a day of Four Wheel Drive training and luckily we’d had a bit of rain which gave us slippery conditions and a bit of water to cross in one of the creeks. Not only were the members trained in handling the vehicles but also in how they should safely recover them when there is a problem with the unit getting stuck or possibly breaking down.

This Saturday 7 Fire fighters undertake their level one chain saw course. The chain saw is an important tool in not only firefighting but also where the brigade is called out to join with the SES during times of storm damage, something that all will remember from when Cyclone Oswald visited the mountain and left its trail of destruction.

Also this Sunday a large number of members are spending the day undertaking the practical component of their first aid course. The safety of our crews and the general public is always our number one priority. So, as you can see, this is a busy time for the brigade as we try to make sure that all our major training programs are completed prior the onset of the fire season so that your fire fighters are ready to deal with whatever nature throws at the mountain.

Are you as prepared on your own properties?

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