Tamborine Times 18 September 2014

Level 2 Bushfire Alert means the rains seem to have gone and temperatures are rising again. Those recent rains have promoted fresh growth of grasses but that new cover hides the menacing loading of drier grasses which are fuel for potential fires. The message is don’t be complacent after August’s rainfall– it was only a temporary reprieve which won’t last. This season there is still better than a 50 percent likelihood of an El Nino so it’s vital to keep alert and prepared.


A vital part of firefighter training is multi-brigade exercises which we were lucky enough to be involved in recently.This large one took place near Beaudesert, with over 150 fire fighters and their fire trucks taking part. The exercise covered an area of over 100ha and the country was typical of the kind of landscape that our crews often need to work in. The exercise began on Friday evening with the setting up of the Incident Control and lasted through to late Sunday. It was designed to be a simulation of a large wildfire and meant to give crews from the region the chance to practice their skills and techniques when confronting large fires as well as the important roles of Incident Control, where personnel have the responsibility of ensuring that crews are available when and where they are needed to fight the fire. Much as it would be in a real fire situation our crews were rotated to cover the period, fresh crews providing relief to those that had been on the fire ground for hours at a time. It was a great opportunity for the maximum number of members to work as teams in a situation like that which does occur when there is a real wildfire.

We are pleased to share the news that your Brigade has been presented with a Citation for the work we did during and after Cyclone Oswald. I’m sure everybody who was on the Mountain at the time remembers it well.

The Presentation was made on September 16 th by Tony Johnstone,Regional Manager for the South East Region.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit our rebuilt website at www.tmrfb.org.au  You will find it a good place to keep up with your Brigade’s activities as well as updating yourself during the fire season. Also follow us on Facebook where you will find us as the “Tamborine Mountain Rurals”.

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