Tamborine Times 16 June 2016

The last fortnight has been a busy time for the TM Rural Fire Brigade. Over the last weekend of May, we and several other RFBs helped with a major burn of 700 hectares on National Parks’ land towards the Northern end of the Mountain. This was an intended and ecological burn which did not threaten properties – very different from the wildfire in the same area which many residents will remember some years ago.

The burn was run as a major exercise to test all aspects of response to a real wildfire; whether on the Mountain or elsewhere. The Show Ground was very helpfully made available as the Incident Control Centre. The ICC coordinated the actions of some 30 trucks and 250 firefighters over three shifts and three days. The operation tested organisation, preparedness and response as well as doing an important job for our National Park. It was most successful.


No forest fire is without smoke. This can be very unpleasant for all those affected – not least for the volunteer firefighters. The Brigade is very grateful for the forbearance and understanding of so many local people in face of thick smoke and traffic delays.


The first weekend of June saw a complete change of gear – to high wind and heavy rain. The Brigade responded to Firecom call-outs on Saturday and Sunday to clear fallen trees across main roads. At Eagle Heights the tree also felled both the low tension and high tension power lines. In such cases the Brigade must receive formal notice from Energex that all electrical power is OFF before we can go ahead and cut up the tree.


In parallel with the call-outs, the Brigade conducted continuous patrols looking for (and finding) causeway flooding and fallen timber across roads.  This was done in close and effective liaison with our local Police which allowed rapid Mountain reaction to the problems found.


Finally; for the last weekend in July do come to the Emergency Services Open Day at the Station on Main Western Road. It will be a top occasion with something for everyone,but more on that later.

John Robertson

Crew Leader
Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade

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