Tamborine Times 14 May 2015


Those of us that live on the mountain will be quite used to the sight of the bright yellow Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade firetrucks as they go about the business of helping protect the Community. The men and women who volunteer much of their spare time do it because that is what being part of a community means, not just taking but giving back to the Mountain and our neighbours.

What many people don’t realise is that in many ways everybody is,or can be, a Firefighter. Our loyal band of Supporters who help to raise funds so that our Brigade is well equipped and always prepared for whatever Nature throws at us,are our Backseat Firefighters, but their contribution is of such tremendous value that they should never be forgotten for their valuable work.

The other day I deposited in the bank two cheques. They were donations from sisters who make this a regular contribution, every year sending cheques as their way of contributing. For me it drove home the message that our Backseat Firefighters are people such as these ladies, members of the Community who contribute regularly, be it large or small amounts. For many the donation may be in the form of money dropped into the buckets when you see our collectors in their bright yellow uniforms with their red buckets at the markets, at the twice yearly Craft Extravaganza or on other occasions, but by making a contribution you are in effect a Backseat Firefighter helping to make Tamborine Mountain a safer place for our families.

Our Brigade has always tried hard to be progressive, always searching for new,smarter and safer ways to do our job, the task of keeping our people safe. We have each year undertaken projects to help with this and this year will be no different. The Mountain has no reticulated water and this has often been a problem. Sometimes we are called on to back up the Auxiliary Fire Brigade by supplying them with water to put out structural fires. To overcome this problem our next project is to purchase a large capacity tanker firefighting truck combo and if we have the go ahead this addition will cost about $70,000, but we are convinced that it will be a powerful weapon when it comes to keeping our Mountain safe.

Remember, you don’t need to stand there with the hose, drive the truck or use the hoe to create a firebreak. You can make a powerful contribution by being one of our Backseat Firefighters.

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