First line of defence for your property

 The first line of defence for your property is not your Rural Fire Brigade- it’s YOU! Are you prepared for the unthinkable to happen?
Have you been reading the newspapers lately? They appear to be full of doom and gloom regarding the weather outlook for the Summer and it would be only too easy to dismiss it as overkill and fail to heed the repeated warnings. The reality is that it really is 5 years since we had a July as dry as the one that has just gone, and as a result of this and official forecasts the  fire season has now started a full month early. There are large fuel loads throughout this Mountain and surrounding areas, and a lot of loads are bone dry after the unseasonably warm weather that we’ve had this Winter.
The inescapable fact is that the first line of property defence rests with the householder. How well you’ve prepared your property could directly impact on how likely it is to survive should we be faced with a wildfire in coming months. It’s  beautiful to be surrounded by trees isn’t it? But if they are too close to your home they could easily serve as the means for fire to reach your beloved property. Piles of garden waste in the yard? Get rid of them now before they can cause any harm. Have you dumped garden waste the other side of the fence onto reserve or undeveloped property? If you have you are breaking the law and when discovered you WILL be reported. Also it is important to check for flammable waste under your property. Embers from wildfires can travel great distances when it’s windy and often land in places we wouldn’t expect.  Also, when was the last time you checked your gutters? We always seem to be amazed at how much has been accumulated in them since the last time we checked. Finally, have you completed your fire plan or is it hidden in a drawer where you left it until you had time to get around to the task? I’d suggest that the time is now – tomorrow may be too late.

I’m pleased to announce that our Drone has arrived and will soon be taking to the air just in time for the season and The Brigade is looking forward to the improved logistical capability that it will bring to our operations.
Finally, congratulations to St Bernard’s School on its 100th anniversary. The Tamborine Mountain Brigade was pleased to be a part of the festivities when it attended the Fete with one of our Medium Attack units. While Karen and Kym spent time talking to parents about fire safety, Maria, Peta, Donna, Matt and myself had great fun showing the fire truck(and the siren of course) off to the kids and who knows, one day some of them may be tempted to sign up to join their Rural Fire Brigade.  

Remember – the fire season is here and all of us need to be vigilant

 Greg Lincoln

   1st Officer

    Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade.
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