Tamborine Times 12 March 2015

Within the last 3 months we’ve seen a dramatic change in weather, one moment we are on alert for fire activity, the next severe weather conditions.

29th of February, we were put on alert for Cyclone Marcia,and both Rural & Auxiliary personnel prepared for significant rainfall over the following 3 days. Due to the expected large amount of rain and wind, we were expecting landslides and trees coming down.

Falling trees were our biggest concern. Just a couple of weeks prior to Cyclone Marcia we responded to a tree down in Eagle Heights Road where bits of plastic were found on the ground from the grill and headlight protectors of a car. Unfortunately the tree had hit a passing car when it came down.

When driving during or after severe weather conditions please be aware of this possibly happening to you. The best option is to stay home and avoid being on the road.

During and after a severe weather event expect to see Rural & Auxiliary Fire Fighters patrolling the Mountain ensuring roads are kept open. Please have patience while Rural Fire Fighters wait to remove trees from roads, because until Energex make any power lines safe we can’t start work. When there’s water over the roads we will close those roads until signage is put up or water recedes. Howards Creek,for example,was closed at least twice during Cyclone Marcia.

Ensure your home is prepared for severe weather conditions have a look at this website http://www.disaster.qld.gov.au/ the site gives you extremely useful information.

Lastly,and on a far brighter note,thanks to the advertisement for new Fire Fighters run with the generosity of The Tamborine Times a couple of weeks ago,we now have 12 new Rural Fire Brigade Recruits, 10 men and 2 ladies. Fantastic to see ladies come forward to boost numbers, but come on Ladies,we need more of you. Whether it’s training to be an active Firefighter learning how to cope on a dangerous fireground,or as a Supporter raising valuable funds and catering to the Brigade when called out in an emergency. We need you. Come to one of our weekly Tuesday night Meetings at 7 pm at the Station on Main Western Road.

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