Tamborine Times 11 December 2014

A recipe for disaster!

In spite of our repeated warnings to the Mountain Community, we are still finding instances where those warnings have been ignored and people put at risk both lives and property through their behavior. Just recently at a regular training session one of our Crews came across a pile of hot coals that was the residual of an earlier fire. The first thing that was alarming was that this was at a time when a current fire ban was in place due to the weather conditions. Second cause for concern was that the area covered by the hot coals was greater than 2 metres in any direction and we were able to assess from this that the original unburnt pile would have exceeded this by at least double. The third concern was that there was nobody in attendance and the owner of the property had left the premises. Couple all of the above with the fact that the remains of the fire were only 10 metres from a structure and you can see how potentially dangerous the situation was. We used 3600 litres of water and 20 litres foam to finally extinguish the coals and make the site safe.
The lesson is pretty obvious to all of us so please act responsibly.
If there is a total fire ban it means just that – NO FIRES!

At other times when you wish to burn off, check that the pile is not equal to or greater than 2 meters in any direction, if it is, then you must have a Fire Permit. You can obtain a permit by calling Captain Peter Mason from the Auxiliaries on 0437 927 733(responsible for the top of the mountain) or Will Buch 0408 199 271 (responsible for the area surrounding the mountain).
Captain Mason or Will Buch may also write specific conditions on the permit, these conditions must be adhered to at all times.

No matter how big or small the fire is, someone MUST be in attendance at all times, going to get a coffee or the toilet means you have to get a
person to take over from you watching the fire, at all times this person must be an adult. You must also have a hose that is ready to be used when needed so having to run 50 meters to turn the hose on is not good enough.

To check if a fire ban is currently in force please visit,

Please help us to keep you safe.

Greg Lincoln

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