Steep Work

by John Robertson

On Wednesday 13/9/06 our training was at Geissmann Oval. There was a soccer game on but we occupied the steep slope to the south and did not interfere with the game. All three trucks with their crews were there. Paul as MC had laid out small witches hats first down and then up the steep slope. There were different hat colours for each truck and each course was about 100 metres long. Each crew member took it in turn to use the hose to knock over the hats. One person ran the pump and the third helped the branch to drag the (full) hose up the hill – quite hard work! When this was done the hose was made up and the hats replaced. Then each crew member changed roles and ran the course again till all three had their turn.

A new member, Manuel, took full part although he never had anything to do with Firies before. His verdict; ‘it was fun’. So say all of us.

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