Serendipitous Training

by John Robertson

Sometimes things just work out right! On the evening of Wednesday 2nd September members were assembling for training when a page came from the Auxiliaries asking for a medium attack to respond to Wilsons Road. With lots of firefighters on hand, the doors open and the trucks ready, a rapid response was easy. Don, Geoff and Robbo went in 52 and soon reported to the I/C, Peter Mason. There was a big timber fire which, at first glance, looked like a large house burning down. The timber pile was about 15 m by 15 m at its base and some 4 metres high. It was burning good style and the neighbours were, quite reasonably, concerned that the embers might start fire on their properties. Apparently the timber had caught alight from a grass fire. 52 reported the situation to John F at the Station.

664A and 664C and their crews hosed the fire till it was under control. 52’s role was to supply water to 664C while it ran its high pressure hose. This was done using our QRT coupling and when the fire was controlled 664C was still full of water. It received 1,600 litres from 52. The job was wrapped up in under half an hour and, after thanks from Peter and Captain George, we left to refill at Holt Road. Then we went to Laheys Lookout and got there in good time to take full part in Paul’s excellent training exercise

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