Saturday Antics

Saturday’s activities were fun and productive despite the poor turn-up. Fire Warden Wil and Shelley took us to Magnetic Drive to look at a proposed hazard reduction burn which will take the brigade a full day to complete and should be an excellent exercise for all of us. Then we shot off to Adelaide Court off Lahey’s Lookout Road to look at a stack burn. Conditions were excellent and we had two crews on site already, so we lit it up. The stack had a lot of large trunks and limbs and not so much small stuff so we expected it to be hard to burn, but Robbo’s can of waste oil did the trick and we all enjoyed a nice hot fire with minimal smoke and embers. James and David found the heat a bit draining but Robbo was indestructible as usual. After standdown we all enjoyed a great feed of fishbites and chips at Overlanders which we hope to establish as a bit of a Saturday tradition.



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