Ripley Valley Fire

Mid afternoon our Brigade received a request from Group to assist with a strike team, as our 1st officer was literally up a creek in his boat, Roger organised for myself as Crew Leader along with Maria and Donna, Donna had just passed her FMS.

I quickly discovered after arriving at the ICC that in fact there was 2 ICC’s which made things interesting for the nights activities.

Donna made mention of her diet as she got stuck into the cold pizza.

For our first task we were thrown to the wolves with no briefing and lack of planning for a backburn, not on our part may I add. Maria and Donna performed admirably in this unfortunate very difficult situation especially as the backburn got a little out of the control.

Our next task was well briefed, after travelling along a series of dirt tracks via a typical farmers junkyard that was quite impressive, we came around a bend in the track to be confronted with a kilometre wide fire front about 500mm high, as we were on the black we were all safe, Donna was quite taken with the site and a oooooooh was heard from the back seat.

After driving on the black for about 200m we then became bogged, and we weren’t the only ones, vehicles including a bulldozer had been getting bogged all day in various areas. Ourselves and another truck became bogged after another 200m it was decided to retreat as the fire was heading for the highway and was now down to about 300mm in flame height. While we were bogged we did manage to put out some of the fire front.

The ladies and I arrived back at the station at 01.30, after a long night we were exhausted.

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