Ripley Valley – Day 2

Ripley Rd_600x412Greg, Kent & Jaap in TM 51 with Maria & Ron in TM41 travelled to Ripley where we were allotted to November Sector and travelled to the Ipswich Rifle Range where TM51 joined several other mediums in trying to quell a couple of fires, which were increasing in intensity in the gully’s and hills above the range. TM41and Beechmont41, were tasked with mopping up the northern surrounds of the rifle range. When the November Sector Leader was moved away, Greg took over that role.


After completing their task Maria & Ron were sent up into the ranges to reconnoitre the southern, top, edge of the fires & to scope for any access from up there. This involved some serious 4W driving & resulted us having to affect a rapid U-turn on a quite narrow ridge when it was realised that a fire front on either side of the track ahead meant we were entering a “dead man zone”.
Upon returning to the rifle range and expecting to have lunch; Beechmont41 & ourselves were sent off on a 40 minute drive up a freshly bulldozed track to a sector where Ripley’s 41 and  51 were trying to ring a section of the fire.
It would have been quite a drive getting the 51 up there, as it was very extreme in parts. We supported them and successfully stopped the fire there. We then went further along the track to another fire front and despite the three 41’s supplying Ripley51 with water and running out all our lay-flats, so we could douse the flames away further into the bush; we were unsuccessful and with the 41’s out of water and only 2 hours of daylight left; a retreat was beat and lunch enjoyed at Ripley station about 1630. We then returned home.
A really busy & arduous day with lots of chainsaw, rake hoe, shovel and backpack work; unfortunately without accomplishing extinguishing the fire.
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