Refill Exercise

by John Robertson

The main event on our training evening on 6th August was to replenish the water in the Rosser Park static tank. We had to do this in a limited period because we spent considerable time discussing recent fires and forthcoming burns.

All three trucks with full crews did the refill exercise. Water came from the Holt Road tanks. It took 8,000 litres to fill the Rosser tank which meant two loads from each of our three trucks. From first arrival at Rosser Park to all trucks being on their way back to the Station with full tanks took 39 minutes. This is just over 200 litres per minute average delivery rate – sufficient to maintain 10 dial-a-jet nozzles in continuous operation. This remarkable result was attained in a relaxed but very competent and glitch-free manner. It reflects the excellence of the Holt Road water source, the capability of our trucks and the high competence of that core of members who regularly attend Paul’s admirable training sessions. It promises well when we have to tackle ‘the big one’.

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