Plunket Road

At 1305 on Sunday 14th October we were paged to turnout to a fire at 234-6 Plunkett Road. First thought was that this was an error and it should have been the Tamborine Brigade. However, Firecom explained that there was a big fire at Greenbank (lots of trucks and 2 Helitaks) and one Tamborine truck had gone to assist there. Tamborine had no more crews available so we were sent.
Kent, Greg and Robbo went in TM52 and Maria and Ron in TM41. We got to the site promptly and found a small grass and leaf fire among trees in the yard of 234 and extending out to road side. We extinguished this quickly and Maria made sure that no smoke or grey ash remained which is a reliable way of ensuring against re-ignition – whatever wind may blow up.  As the map shows the site is next to forest and the big pine forest is close by.
The occupiers of 234 were not in and their neighbours from across the road told us that they (234) made a habit of burning large piles of rubbish and, when the fire was well alight, locking up, going away and leaving the fire burning. In present conditions and in that location this is quite irresponsible and we asked Firecom to advise the QPS accordingly.
We were back at the Station just after 1500. All members involved then went to help with the clear-up of the Craft Extravaganza. They were joined by Neville (VCE), Jenny, Malcolm, Don, Barry, Chris, Caie and Geoff S.  With such a good squad the job went rapidly and we were done by 1715.
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