Panorama Point AGAIN

30 October 1200 hours. Tony (Comms) got an anonymous phone call reporting "someone lighting a fire near the end of the bitumen" at Panorama Point. He advised the caller to ring 000. This failed to eventuate so Tony asked Firecom to page us out. Steve and Karen responded in 41 and Ken in 51 met up with Olle and Mick at the scene. The fire was burning between the lookout and the Wongawallan track just east of Panorama Point #2 fire. The 51 crew started attacking the eastern flank with layflat from the Wongawallan track while 41 returned to the station for some essential gear (*cough*). Nev arrived at the station to man the base radio, and John (TM2) arrived at the incident. The striker crew now consisting of B1, TM1 and TM2 managed to put in a fairly credible wetine and backburn to tie up the western flank, despite the substantial weight of all the brass they had to carry. Once the knockdown was complete both crews spent a lot of time removing burning trees from near the perimeter and burning out remnant vegetation. We finally separated B1 from the driptorch and returned to the station to a very welcome barbecue put on by the SES who had been practicing rope stuff all weekend. Standdown 1710 hours.


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