Panorama Point #5

By Olle Bakker

At 1700hrs on the 25 April 06 (Anzac Day) 2 crews were dispatched by Firecom via pagers to respond K30 to Grass Fire @ Panorama Point as requested by 664A. (TM Aux)

3rd Officer Ken Lovett and Firefighter Olle Bakker were first to respond in TM41 followed 2 minutes later by TM51 with Firefighters Karen Mason, Kim Buntrock and Paul Gardner on board, as well as Steve Luckett (TM1) (Standown @ 1715), Firefighters John Fisher, Roger Sutton, Maree Haydon and Rory Merlo in private vehicles to make the ground crew a healthy number.

On arrival Aux Lieutenant Peter Mason had assumed role of IC (Incident Controller) and 664A and 664E were waiting for the parks key at the gate. The job at hand was to continue to Mop Up and Blackline the Northern and Southern flanks which the Auxiliaries had already extinguished using beaters due to the fact that they had no access with their pumpers through the gate. The Northern flank was the biggest concern due to the grassy and steep gully below and if the fire had any wind behind then it could have escalated to an all nighter.

Lucky Dew Point wasn’t far off due to the cooler nights of late.

Firefighter Bakker joined Mark Harding-Smith in 664E and continued to mop up and blackout the Northern flank assisted by Rory Merlo backing up on hose whilst Firefighter Buntrock took the Southern flank running layflat off TM51 being assisted by Gardner and Lovett.

Once satisfied that all was cold and black and there were no embers lurking time to make up, hold a debrief and Code 4 it home.

Standown @ 1920

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