Our John Gets Gonged

by Nev Crocombe

John Fisher, and wife Jan, were invited to the Australia Day Achievement Awards presentation ceremony at Parliament House by the Minister for Emergency Services, The Honourable Pat Purcell MP, last Wednesday.

As invitees and their guests found their seats they were entertained by the excellent un-accompanied singing of six young ladies and five young men of the Queensland Youth Choir.

Tribute was paid by the Director-General, Department of Emergency Services, Ms Fiona McKersie, to all the volunteers without whom the State could not function.

The Minister, Pat Purcell, added his thanks and reminded the audience of recipients of awards and their guests, that if the map of Australia was folded along the Queensland-NSW border, Queensland would cover the three southern States and reach to Antarctica. He then went on “Australia Day is a time for us to reflect on who we are as a society and a nation; to celebrate the history, culture and community of this great country.

It is also an important opportunity to recognise the distinguished service of Emergency services personnel, and to present a lasting symbol of our appreciation.

Queensland’s emergency services staff and volunteers have a vital role in the community. These dedicated individuals, who give their time and effort to the Queensland Ambulance SERVICE, THE Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and Emergency Management Queensland, all play a very important role in protecting our State and keeping our people safe.

From those who work at the operational edge, to those who support them in administration, management, communication and logistics, each and every one of you is an essential part of the team.

The Department of Emergency services Australia Day Achievement Awards, recognise the hard work and commitment of our personnel and is a chance to show our appreciation for their efforts and commitment.

The Awards are also an opportunity to acknowledge those businesses, employers and organisations whose support helps our staff and volunteers serve with such distinction.”

The Minister concluded by expressing a desire to meet with many more during the coming year and adding his personal congratulations to all the recipients on their fine work.

As recipients received their medallions, they were photographed with the Director General and the Minister and later will receive a copy of the photo as a souvenir.

John Fisher, along with other members of various Fire Services, the Ambulance Service , and SES were then presented with their Australia Day Achievement Medallions and Australia Day Appreciation Certificates.

Afternoon tea was then served.

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