Mock Exercise

by John Robertson

On Wednesday evening, 12th July, there was a good roll up of members. All three vehicles were in action – TM52 for the first time. The exercise was to replay the fire at Laheys Lookout earlier this year. Paul, TM2, was the ringmaster and TM1 was the IC. The fire was presumed to be coming up the hill from the Goat Track – as did the real fire. The three trucks deployed along a front between McCarthy’s Lane and the Lookout. Foam was used in a direct attack on the fire and to protect nearby property. Each crew also put in a chip line for further protection. Towards the end of the exercise a sudden wind change happened and all crews did the “flash-over” exercise. This went well.

A debrief was held on site. Generally good. Problems: foam did not work on 52 (this was cured the following day) and hand held radios ran out of battery in a short time – yet again. We will get new and better batteries (NiMH instead of NiCAD) for the hand helds.

Olle was crew leader on 51 and this was his swan song with the Brigade as he is off to Sweden for a long period. We will miss you Olle!

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