Maria’s First Incident

After regular (backpack) training on the evening of 4th May 2011 Roger (TM2) detailed Maria and Robbo to take a raffle prize (a nice garden bench) in TM81 to the winner’s home in Macrozamia Court.  On the way there on the ‘flat’ part of Henri Robert Drive we saw the Auxiliary fire truck just drawing up to a house above the road. We stopped and went to see if we could help. OIC Peter Mason asked us to stay and assist so we called in to Firecom and advised John (TM1) initially plus two subsequent sitreps.

The ambulance was there and the reason was that an elderly lady had a serious medical condition and needed to get to hospital urgently. Her bedroom was on the top floor of a high, two storey house on poles. The stairway was narrow with sharp turns and it proved impossible for the Ambos or the Auxiliaries to get the stretcher down the stairs. Peter devised a very effective plan and promptly put it into action.

This was to run a very long Auxiliary ladder over the upper storey roof where there was a big dormer window. The lower part of the ladder was propped to the ground so that it came to an end over the access road and about 2 metres off the ground. The stretcher was passed through the window and lowered down along the ladder with a rescue-qualified Auxiliary also on the ladder steadying it. Other firies, included us, helped to steady it from the sides. The job went well and the patient was able to say that she was okay while on the way down.  The stretcher reached the bottom of the ladder from where it was carried to the ambulance and the excellent care of the Ambos. A good plan well executed. Peter was very generous in his thanks before we left.

That mission accomplished we returned to TM81 and took the bench to Macrozamia Court. When we got back to the Station it was still open; John had stayed to await our return. Much appreciated. This was a chance incident which showed first rate cooperation between our two Brigades and the Ambos. Maria distinguished herself at her first incident.

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