Lazy Way Days – No Way

The days from Friday 14th March to Monday 17th March were energetic ones for the Brigade with attendance at three separate fires. On the 14th John and Matt (Matt’s first fire) arrived promptly at an arsonist’s mischief on Wongawallan road and equally promptly put it out. On the afternoon, evening of Sunday 16th and through to the morning of Monday17th, members attended a fire at Parkridge and worked hard to help extinguish that. Greg, Mark, John and Val did the overnight stint.


Roger and Iain in TM52 were at Parkridge on Monday morning and got back about 1100. They were just in time to turn right around and respond to a page for a fire at 62 Mortlock Road. This is a narrow track near the bottom and to the left of Mystery Road, heading north, just before the junction at Whittings.

Control was in Lazy Way – a grassy track uphill from the northern end of Whittings Road. It was so named. In fact it was Busy Place with two urban appliances, all the Guanaba trucks, all of ours and CV51. A big QFES major incident control truck with all its bells and whistles arrived and an ambulance was also in attendance. G1 was the incident controller.

The fire was started by a well-meaning burn-off of a modest pile of brushwood. This escaped into surrounding grass and a rapidly expanding blaze ensued. The owner was present and was most apologetic. He thanked us repeatedly for our help.

A house was threatened but was successfully protected by action in which Roger and Iain were on the branch of a hose from Guanaba 51. Maria and Robbo in TM41 were close behind and were assigned to the area above the Lazy Way I/C where a lot of bladey grass undergrowth in open forest was burning vigorously on a steep slope. Our job was to hold the fire on the edge of the property while burning out the whole section to ensure against re-ignition. This went in copy book manner with modest water use and excellent driving by Maria

Greg, Barry, Donna, Grai and Val in TM51 worked successfully on the upper section of the fire. By about 1500 the fire was well under control and all structures were safe. We were thanked by G1 and the property owner and then returned to the Station re-filling with water at Holt Road.

Another three days of very effective activity by the Brigade.

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