Last Training for 2007

by John Robertson

Paul had a really good exercise for our last training evening of 2007. All three trucks with full crews went to Laheys Lookout and each took up a line centred on the turning area with 51 going south towards the tower, 52 north along the dirt road and 41 east down the bitumen access road. The first job was to lay out a continuous line of newspapers and set them alight with the drip torches. This made an impressive show of fire. Then those were extinguished with backpacks. Crew members rotated the tasks and lit up again. That done Paul laid a line of about 20 small witches hats for each truck. Each member went along the line with a layflat knocking the hats sideways. Having made up, each truck did a reversing exercise in the dark through witches hats and trees. The driver was directed by a crew member over the radio. Malcolm did a particularly good job of direction and his driver could have done the course with his eyes shut. As TM1 remarked it was a classic display of firie crew teamwork. After a de-brief on site all trucks refilled with water at Holt Road and were Code 5.

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