Lanes Rd 2013

TMRFB Lanes Road_600x414At 2327 we got a Firecall to assist with a fire at 309 Lanes Road, Wongawollen. The Brigade has regularly attended fires in this location over the years. The map shows how houses are randomly embedded on steep slopes within the forest and hence are very vulnerable to any bush fire. The orange line shows the approximate path of the track within the forest canopy up to the fire.

Greg, Geoff R, Tony D and Robbo set off in TM51 and were to be followed by Roger, Don and Maria in 52. Shortly after we left,a frustrating stop came for 52.

The page warned of a very steep and difficult access to the fire location. The track would have delighted any 4-WD enthusiast looking for a good obstacle course! As shown on the map by the thick white line, it rose 160 metres over a 600 metre length – an average slope of 27% with parts at 40% plus matching ruts and bumps. Greg was in top form and drove up and down the demanding track, going both forwards and in reverse. Geoff and Tony helped briefly on the fireground.

Our main task was to provide water to the local Guanaba trucks at the fireground towards the top of the ridge. We filled 51 and (almost) 41 also. That done and with thanks from G1 we set off back via Holt Road to rewater and thence to the Station; being code 5 at 0150.

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