Lamington NP – Day 5; Ripley Valley – Day 1

Lamington NP – Day 5; Ripley Valley – Day1
An early start for another bash at the Lamington burn turned out ot be a long and interesting day for Paul, Maria and Roger in TM52. 
Our initial task from IC Clinton Neauman was to determine that the Canungra Valley/Tabletop burns were secure, or at least not threatening any structures. This proved to be the case, and was also true of the southern part of the Lamington NP road burn, although there were still a number of smouldering trees throughout the area.
We then took the high road (track) over the range and down into the Cainbable Creek valley, where the fire had progressed down to farmed land and halted at the creek after the day 4 back burn. Further south, there were outbreaks quietly working their way downhill through heavy bush, but these, again were determined not to present any immediate risk to life or property, and were therefore left to the local Kerry brigade to monitor.
We, along with Woodhill 51, then responded to a request from Ripley Road control, about 90 km away, for assistance with a large burn being fanned by building NW winds. At their control point we assisted with a back burn around farm buildings and monitored the local Gun Club buildings, but the fire Rate of Spread appeared to slow down in our direction while breaking away into difficult country to the SE. We left as a new team took over for the nightwatch, but have allocated crews for a further attack on this fire tomorrow.
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