Lamington NP – Day 3

Lamington NP – Day 3
Caieyarn, Paris and Roger took TM52 up the Lamington National Park Rd again to the ICC being run by Clinton Neuman, where we were tasked with staying with the Parks crew for the day.
Paris scrambled up a steep slope to douse a burning tree, a potential threat to the traffic on the road below, and Parks crews dealt with a large number of similar threats during the day.  With Park Ranger, Wil Buch, we continued the burn further south along the roadsides, right up to the strongly defined rainforest edge, where it was allowed to extinguish. As a controlled burn, it was gratifying to be able to first clear around the base of trees threatening the road or potential “apartment” trees with hollow trunks or branches offering a home to the local fauna.
There were several occasions during the day when traffic continued through heavy smoke and flaming banks on the edge of the road, a danger to themselves, to us, and obviously not much good for the vehicles, but apparently sanctioned by some distant entity. Would they appear on the actual fire ground.
Once a southern boundary to the fire was secured, we concentrated on extinguishing risks and cleaning up the mess. Apparently the fire was started by a fool who had been pursued by police, until he realised he was on a dead end road, pushed the car over a bank and then followed it down to light it up before escaping into the bush. The cost was least 500 hectares of burnt land and countless hours of personnel endeavour!
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