Lamington National Park – Day 1

A firecall at 1300 for assistance with a grass and bushfire straddling the Lamington National Park road up to O’Reilly’s resort, saw us mobilise TM52 with Robbo, Greg and Malcolm and TM41 with Maria and Roger. There were obvious signs of well developed fire as we progressed up the road to the ICC, where Tamborine and Canungra units were already being briefed by C1 with the QFRS support of Simon Dawson and two VCE’s.
We were tasked with back burning around the Cainbable Lodge as the fire was expected to reach that area within a day or so. Almost immediately after lighting up along the western road boundary we were subject to a primeval experience when a loud, violent thunderstorm front rolled over the hills, scattering the fire with 70 kph winds, with smoke and embers in all directions but little rain to dampen things. A short time later the wind backed to a south westerly and then right around to a south easterly, which actually assisted the burn around the buildings and the important repeater stations. 
We deepened the burnt area through the afternoon and spent some time trying, without success, to discourage visitors from using the only access road to O’Reilly’s. Ultimately, the road was left CLOSED overnight but was still in use by brave souls readyto ignore the smoke, the flaring bush and burning ‘stags’ (hollow trees burning to full height, unable to be extinguished with water and too dangerous to drop with a chainsaw) which could have fallen at any time on to the road.
Things look ominous for more fire tomorrow as winds swirl around the tinder dry understory over a wide front.
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