Laheys Lookout Nov 2011

Laheeys Lookout Fire Nov 2011_800x562On his way along Mundoolan Connection Road after lunch on Saturday 19th November Roger (TM1) spotted a bush fire up towards Laheys Lookout. He asked Jenny to investigate further and she reported that there was indeed a wildfire near Laheys Lookout just opposite Munro Court entrance. The page to turnout came at 13.55. Roger and Robbo in their own vehicles were first on scene and got most of the top (Eastern) edge of the fire out by the application of high-tech methods – boots and a stick. Then the Canungra Urban truck came and hosed the North, South and West (bottom) edges of the fire. That confined the burn to about 0.2 hectares as shown on the map. TM52 arrived with Mal P, John H (TM2) and Paul (TM3). Don and Malcolm I came in their own vehicles. Kent and Keith brought TM51.
The Urbans called a stop at 1420 and left the area. Our Brigade continued to hose down and black out the area very thoroughly. At 14:45 we left the location and returned to the Station – replenishing water as required. Fortunately fire conditions were moderate with light winds and fairly high humidity although it was hot for the Mountain.
This was another good turn-out by the Brigade. If all fires were detected and controlled as quickly our fire lives would be much simpler and safer.
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