King Parrot Court October 2013

King Parrot 2013_600x420At 1855 on Thursday 3rd October a Firecall came to a fire at 41 King Parrot Court, ideally timed to disrupt everyone’s dinner. The fire was near the location of the ICC for the recent GCCC prescribed burn but was not within the burnt are. The location was some 50 metres off and below the road and was in very steep and difficult terrain. Clagriba 51 and it’s crew were attacking the fire with foam at max pressure through their rubber hose and also with a chainsaw.

First Brigade members on scene were Geoff R and Robbo who came in their own cars. TM51 with Greg, Roger, Barry and Grai were close behind. C51 was now out of water so TM51 refilled it immediately. This was done using our 64 mm QRT into the lid on the top of C51s tank. This allowed C51 to continue delivering max pressure and to continue using foam. Having the QRT meant we had the fastest possible truck to truck water transfer and the large outlet diameter of the hose also meant minimum reaction force for the guy holding the hose into C51s tank. A win win all round!

When C51 was full, TM51 went about 250 metres along the road and refilled itself from the Council tank there. While this was happening Guanaba 51 arrived and gave C51 another load. Simultaneously TM41 came with Maria and Jaap. TM51 returned and gave C51 it’s third tank full.

All this water enabled C51s crew to keeps up their difficult and demanding work to control and extinguish the fire. This they did successfully and much to their credit. TM51s water supply was crucial in that success. Our part in the operation was complete by 2115 so our whole team returned to the Station with another job well done.

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