King Parrot – Act 2

by John Robertson

At 1738 on Monday 27th July we got a vague page saying that the assembly area for the KPC fire (see below) was at King Parrot Court. Many of us were uncertain whether we needed to do anything or not. The matter was resolved by a further page at 1752 saying that it was a turnout. First on scene was 52 with John (TM1), Don and Robbo closely followed by 51 with Roger (TM3), Barry and Peter Q. David and Malcolm came a bit later in 41. Tony was on base radio.

QFRS Inspector Bruce Trickey was I/C with Terry Whitehead (G1) as Ops Officer. The main reason for the turnout was to complete the burn at the southern end of the area around KPC. This section had been in Saturday’s plan but was not reached in the initial burn.

TM52 and51 were assigned to the section at the eastern end of KPC while the other trucks present started burning the same section from its southern flank. Conditions were ideal; flat calm, humidity about 80% but the leaves still crisp underfoot. As elsewhere the land was steep and rock strewn.51 and 52 set to and did a thorough job by burning a deep protective arc fairly close to the houses and joining up with the burn by other trucks working off a road to the south. 52 then extended the burn eastwards to cover the whole designated zone. In so doing it had to deploy over 200 metres of hose.

The stand out performance was from Don who was at his first fire. Under John’s guidance he used drip torch and hose. 51 went to the south to support the other trucks burning in that area. 41 did some firefighting but mainly acted as a tanker – an unusual role for a light attack truck – but David and Malcolm had satisfied customers.

Later in the evening the Incident Control was handed to John (TM1). This was a compliment to John and to the Brigade as it was outside our Brigade and our Group area. As things wound down satisfactorily during the early hours of the morning trucks, including 41 and 51, were released one by one. 52 continued to monitor until 0615 when John handed over I/C to David Heck. At 0655 TM52, fully fuelled and watered, was back at the Station. This was a major contribution to a neighbour’s area by the Brigade.


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