King Parrot 2013

The end of winter often brings the Gold Coast burns team to King Parrot Court for a big hazard reduction burn. The approximate area of this year’s burn is shown on the map. It follows the course of the power line from Romano Court down to Stewart Road and thence along the forest boundary and up the western edge of King Parrot Court to Henri Robert Drive. It also follows the eastern edge of Henri Robert or the eastern edge of the properties below Henri Robert.

Our Brigade is regularly asked to help with this burn. On 21st August this year we had one or more trucks there from early morning till nearly midnight. The following members were present: Roger (TM1), John H, Greg, Maria, Keith, Paris, Barry, Grai, Val, Chris and Robbo. We will be paid $1,000 for this. In addition, on the 22nd and early on the 23rd, Barry and Robbo were there in TM52.

In that the team succeeded in thoroughly burning parts of the area which had excessive fuel loads but which had beaten them in previous years, this was indeed a ‘cool’ burn. Temperature-wise it was quite the opposite. On the night on the 22nd and 23rd when burning down the edge of Henri Robert, the flames were over 10 metres high and the temperature at the base of the fire was over 1,000 C. Even the road guard-rail got very hot.

Just one example of the Brigade’s role; on the 21st TM41 was initially held in reserve at the ICC (an excellent practice) but was soon deployed to November Sector. This began with sterling Stihl work by Keith. The burns team on site did not have a chainsaw but did have one light and one medium truck. The light was out of water; the medium had plenty of water but was out of pump fuel (petrol). TM41 took over and did the whole job including lighting up. All our crews displayed corresponding initiative in other sectors and at other times – typical of the Brigade’s well-prepared and ‘can-do’ approach.

As always at such fires we constantly met old friends and fellow campaigners – a special pleasure!

This was a good event all round with genuine hazard reduction giving real community safety benefit with no ‘near misses’ in the process. It is pleasing too that the Brigade’s funds have been augmented by our work

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