Insider Perspective of the Games

by Olle Bakker.

Well what can I say and where do I start.

First of all what a superb 3 days (1 of setting up and 2 of running). Friday morning came around as usual only this time there was a flutter of excitement in the air – why of course it is the day all go into camp for the Games. Some departed early and others rocked up after their Friday at work. Some pitched tents others had the soft and cushy way in hotels rooms (they had no idea how to rough it out). All was set up at a godly hour so many shot off down the road and do some shopping (via the Beaudesert RSL).

Anyway come Friday night everyone competing had their way of gearing up for the next day, this being first day of comp. Many decided to get some decent shut eye whilst others woke up with a sore head and a bit rough around the edges (Maybe I am just speaking for yours truly). Anyway it is amazing what the first day comp brings… well it brings 24 fire fighting teams pumped up and ready to go, here on the track are teams (brigades) from the back of Brissie to parts of NSW.

Didn’t take long to get know them anyway, after a few grueling hours in the "Make Up".. No not the "Make Out" Tent yours truly escaped the watchful eyes of Don Williams (thanks anyway mate) and decided to run a chauffeur service by picking up the children and dropping then off for a small sum (just kidding, simply volunteer stuff this). So this brought an end to day 1 of games.

Now to Sunday, many again woke up with sore heads after a dang good night of Karaoke (CONGRATS Guanaba you are worthy of Aussie Idol material) and back into events after many only getting a couple hours of Z’s. By about 3pm it was all over the games are done! Over for another year (disappointment and satisfaction all round).

To all who where there on the days, Judges, Track Marshalls, Scorers, Cookers, Observers, Runners, Spectators, and Maker-uppers, I’m sure I speak for all when I say thank you, thank you very much for all and everything everyone put into these games and last but not least see u all for more punishment next year.

This is one games reporter signing out till next year (unless I lose this contract worth more 0’s to my paycheck of 0’s then ever before) Cheers and Conrats to ALL, it was your day to shine in whatever you did.

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