Helping a Neighbour

by John Robertson

At 1600 on Wednesday a pager message called for our Brigade to supply a truck to relieve one from Tamborine RFB. The Tamborine truck was helping with a prescribed burnoff by the National Park people near Plunkett Road in the Cedar Creek area. The burn took longer than NPWS had estimated and the Tamborine truck had been there most of the day so it needed relieving. Rory, Roger and Shane responded promptly in TM41 – our light attack vehicle. They did not return till almost midnight after eight hours of hard work establishing fire control lines and backburning. A good job well done! Helping one’s neighbours is central to an RFB’s work.

From 1600 through to about midnight our stalwart Station radio operator, John F, manned the radio and kept in continuous touch with the 41 on the fireground and 51 and 52 on the training exercise. John, what would we do without you!”

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