Hayes Rd

Early on Sunday morning, 1st December 2013 a page came to turnout to a ‘grass fire’ near the junction of Hayes Road and Tamborine-Oxenford road.This was a puzzle as there was no possibility of grass burning under the prevailing and recent weather conditions. TM52 left at 0130 with Roger plus Robbo following immediately behind in his own car.


The site of the fire is shown on the map. The T-O Road is in the top left hand corner. We were met at the entrance to Hayes Road by the public-spirited couple who had called in the fire. They were good enough to say ‘you got here very quickly’. There was an obvious fire with big flames less than 100 metres from the main road. It was in a dump on the site which contained large amounts of general builders rubbish with a lot of wood, some plastic and other indeterminate materials through it. Those were sustaining a fire covering about 150 square metres. Clearly it had been deliberately lit.

After reconnaissance on foot, TM52 deployed where shown, facing towards the road exit. We used both of the rubber hoses to quell (but not fully extinguish) the fire. Given the nature of the surrounding land the fire was brought to a state where there was no danger of it escaping and where it was sufficiently subdued not to cause concern to passing traffic on the T-O Road. This used nearly all the water aboard TM52.

Greg and Maria had come to the Station but stood down when Roger advised that matters were well under control. Firecom was similarly advised. We returned to the Station via Holt Road to refill with water and were code 5 at 0245.

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