Goat Track Scenario

by John Robertson

On 22 November Paul, TM2, organised a very comprehensive exercise at Laheys Lookout. All three vehicles with full crews plus a carload of additional members took part. The scenario was a Goat Track fire coming up the slope from the West. 51 was by the transmitter tower, 41 was at the end of McCarthy’s Lane and 52 was in the middle. First move was to lay a continuous wet line using double layflats on both trucks from the tower to the Lane. When the lines from all the trucks had joined up the next move was for each crew to back the wetline with a 50 metre chip line. In parallel with this each chain saw was deployed and started with the user in full chainsaw clobber – all the saws started okay. Then there was a ‘spotover’ exercise where each crew member took it in turn to use a backpack to extinguish notional spot fires which had started in the trees to the east of our trucks. To add spice TM1 called a “flashover” and each crew set up their vehicle accordingly and hunkered down under fire blankets in the cab – a tight squeeze with the additional members! The exercise then resumed. The last event was a Case 4 at the Wilson Road well. Finally a debrief at the Station. A realistic, valuable and enjoyable evening all round.

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