Goat Track Furphy Fire

In the early evening of Friday, 20th November a page came to turnout to a fire on the right hand side of the Goat Track just below the second lights. As he lives nearby, Robbo, in his own car was, by a considerable margin, the first there. A recce right down and back up the GT showed no sign of fire in the stated location. Robbo so reported by phone to TM1 who was on his way to the scene. Shortly afterwards a second turnout page was received. With over 70% humidity and wind about 4 km/hr from the north east, fire danger was low.

The urban truck then arrived and, from the access road to the new development site below the GT, we could see a substantial fire down in the Canungra Brigade’s area above Mundoolun Road and to the north of the power lines. Peter Mason advised Firecom to turnout the Canungra Brigade. TM52 then arrived with John (TM1), Barry and Malcolm. Geoff and Don were on standby. Tony and Jenny were on base radios.

As we watched and heard radio and phone calls the true situation slowly became apparent. We finally learned that the burn was a permitted one conducted by the Canungra fire warden on his own property supported by the full Canungra Rural Brigade. The time and conditions were ideal for a safe burn. Because our Brigade area lies further up the slope the burn is of benefit to us as well as to Canungra. Firecom had been duly advised but apparently failed to connect the report of “a fire on the right hand side of the Goat Track” (some distance from the actual site) with the approved burn in progress.

When last light was almost upon us we packed up and returned to base. A check on Saturday morning showed that the fire had done a good job and was well and truly out.

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