Fun and Games

I’ve never been to a Firefighter Games before, so I’m the first to admit that two hours on Saturday doesn’t make me an expert, BUT, what were they DOING? There were sloppy bowls, crossovers, kinks, twists, fouled hoses, no PPE, and RUNNING, for heaven’s sake! It was good to see teams from all over the place, NZ, Western Australia, Victoria, but it all seemed to be about speed, not skill and safety! Danny from the Auxiliaries told me that it is definitely not the Queensland way. Our local team puts a lot of store in doing it right, and they still manage to do it faster than most other teams. Sadly, I didn’t see any rural teams there, but there were a few familiar faces on the make-up teams and elsewhere. I spent an enjoyable hour with J1, picking holes in the competitors, lamenting the fall in standards and reminiscing over our adventures together in the Snowy River high country fires in 200? – what a pair of old farts!. Also spotted B1 looking a bit frazzled in the time-keepers caravan, but looking forward to the dress-up do on Saturday night. Together with Mr B1 they have spent a well-deserved week by the seaside. It was good to see Helitack 668 up close and the new medium and heavy appliances had some good ideas too. Mrs Insider particularly liked the hose cages mounted under the chassis on Bonogin 61. Good access and able to drain and dry easily. Overall, it was a lot of fun and very entertaining. If only I’d got a photo of the huge water tanker supplying the games through a 150mm delivery hose – heaven.
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