Flashover Protection

by John Robertson

Roger’s initiative and Geoff’s plumbing skills have given the Brigade’s trucks the best flashover protection in the business. See photos here .

Two standard red nozzles, set to full spray position, are fitted on 51 and 52. They are connected by a normal valve to the water supply from the pump. One nozzle covers the cab and one the pump. For obvious reasons it is essential to cover both. They continuously drench the cab, the pump and the surrounding area. This stops the fire reaching the truck and, by evaporation, keeps it and its occupants cool. Crews can have greater confidence that they will safely survive the most severe flashover. Water consumption for 51 and 52 is about 75 litres/minute at full pump throttle and about 50 l/m at half throttle. TM41 has a single nozzle and so about half that water consumption. It is evident that the water spray must be started only when the fire is close at hand. We tried out the system on each of the three trucks on Wednesday evening at Laheys Lookout and all members were most favourably impressed. The photos of 51’s spray in action show how the entire vehicle and its surroundings are kept wet. Well done Roger and Geoff!


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