First Fire of 2007

by John Robertson

Late on the afternoon of Friday, 27th we got a page to support the Auxiliaries at “a large grass fire at Panorama Point”. Our local firebug still favours PP and Firecom has not yet realised that Panorama Point NP is rural and not urban. TM1 and TM2 responded in 41 and Robbo in 52. Shane, Rory and TM3 came directly to the fire scene and worked from 52 with Shane as Team Leader. John F ran the Station radio. An NPWS truck was also on scene.

The fire was towards the end of the bitumen road and had burnt from the roadside northwards down the slope. The ground there is steep with a lot of loose rocks which are awkward underfoot. The fire had covered about two hectares. Our page was initiated by Peter Mason of the Auxiliaries. They had controlled the fire. Our job was to mop up with rakehoe and wetline around the fire perimeter and by extinguishing the burning trees and logs. Paul (TM2) did sterling work with the chainsaw. We had instructions from Firecom to make sure the site was totally blacked out as bad fire conditions were expected on Saturday. This was done – helped by a refill from an Auxiliary pumper. At 1800 John (TM1) was satisfied with the blackout and we headed for home refilling at Kidd Street. After a short de-brief we dispersed at 18:45.

No doubt we will be back to PP sooner rather than later!

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