First Fire For 2006

by Olle Bakker

Well looks like the tides have turned. First Fire for 2006 and guess where, yep Panorama Point (must be 5th or 6th call to there now).

On Saturday the 19th of March, Tamborine Mtn Rurals were paged to turnout on a Code 30 (K30) to a grass fire @ Panorama Point. Firefighter Olle Bakker arrived first on scene as he was having a nice relaxing arvo after St Paddy’s day up the road and around the corner with mates but was quickly joined by John Fisher in his private vehicle.

Approx 10 minutes after, Tamborine Mtn Aux (664A) arrived on scene followed by TM51 with a crew of 3 Steve Luckett (TM1), John Heydon (TM2) and David O’Carrol, whilst right behind them Paul Gardner and Kim Buntrock in TM41. And just to complete the Officer’s run, one Ken Lovett (TM3) in his private vehicle. The job went successfully with no major mishaps and we even taught the Aux how we do an effective blackline. Stand Down approx 1730 hrs.

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