First Aid and Flames

“Paul ran the training on Wednesday evening 7th June. He began with some first aid basics – how to help and/or carry an injured person. Then on to CPR. Paul told us that when he was twelve his life was saved with CPR applied by his grandfather. Grandad did a fine job! Paul made the point, new to me, that CPR is about maintaining blood supply to the brain. Restoring breathing is desirable but not essential. CPR must be kept up until the Ambos arrive with their special skills and special kit. On the other hand CPR must not be applied to someone whose heart is working and who has a pulse even if it is weak.

Then we had an ‘extinguish and make up’ exercise in the Council area – but with a difference. We had real flames. There were two teams in 41 and 51 respectively with the roles alternating between team members on each run. Then the teams swapped trucks and repeated the process. The flames came from 5 metre lengths of newspaper lit with a drip torch. Rory was torchmaster. For the later runs the newspaper was replaced by ‘fire sticks’ doused in torch fuel and set alight – not easy to extinguish with water.

This is our ‘bread and butter’ work and everyone got better at it. A first class exercise all round.”

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