Fires of August

In August the Brigade had three fires – two permitted burns and one wildfire. The permitted burns were on our Wednesday training evenings, 18th and 25th respectively. The first was at Keith’s place and the second at Tastebuddies. The big advantage of such burns is that many members can attend – especially the new members – and thus achieve a training session and attendance at a fire simultaneously. No training, however good, can match the learning to be had at a real fire.

At Keith’s all three trucks, including our new 51, were there. We had three timber stacks – one to each truck. These were all burnt satisfactorily and we left the dying fires in Keith’s capable hands. TM41 did a Case 3 & 4 to round off the evening. The following members were present: 

 John H (TM1)   Roger (TM2)   Paul (TM3)   Jenny (TM5)   Kim   Neville   Andy   Maria   Keith   John F (Station Radio)   Don   Barry   Dylan   Chris   Robbo   Peter W

At Tastebuddies we had all three fire trucks plus our new TM81 in the role of ICC. The officers delegated all the command roles to firefighters and themselves acted as very energetic crew members. Each truck tackled a brushwood pile. Two were burnt out completely after a lot of hard work by the crews but one was still wet internally and defied the best efforts of the crew to set it on fire. All were blacked out thoroughly by the end of the session. TM41 did a Case 4 on the creek at the end of Prospect Street. Members present were:

John H (TM1)    Roger (TM2)    Paul (TM3)   Jenny (TM5 and Base 2 Radio)   Maria    Don   Dylan    Malcolm    David    Mal P    Geoff    Robbo   

About midday on Friday 27th a page came to turn out to a grass fire at 1487 Tamborine-Oxenford Road in Coomera Valley RFB’s area. See map. John H (TM1) and Robbo went first in TM52 and arrived at the briefing point where Peter Mason was IC with an Auxiliary truck and Coomera Valley units. On the way there Robbo, with the aid of a roadside rock, managed to shorten 52 slightly. After the regulation wait we were briefed and it seemed that the fire would be very difficult to control as it ran uphill through a mixture of dry grass and forest. Several properties were threatened. TM52 was sent to the lower level location shown on the map where the Auxiliary truck and CV41 were also located. 

The Auxiliary truck was not in action but its crew plus CV crew were fighting the fire in the bush using a very long layflat from CV41. CV41 was almost out of water so TM52 topped it up several times and also mopped up nearby mulch fires. During this period Don came in his own car and joined 52. CV41’s total inventory of 38 and 25 mm hoses were out with the 38 feeding into the 25’s but the length was still not sufficient to reach through the bush to the fire front. A roll of 25 from TM52 carried into the bush and connected to the end of the existing hose just made the vital difference. After a couple of hours the fire was controlled and then blacked out. Great work by the Auxiliary and CV crews but they would not have beaten the fire without TM52’s help. We then made up with John and Don assisting in the bush. Don emerged black as soot carrying three equally black hoses – each of them perfectly rolled!

During this time TM51 came with Barry, Mal P, Chris and Andy. They helped to black out the fire on the upper level at the position shown on the map.

Peter Mason gave the debrief and thanked all present for a job well done. Both of our trucks headed for home re-filling with water at Holt Road. Another top job helping our neighbours.

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