Fire call….Cabbello Rd Grassfire, Guanaba

Mt Tamborine Rural Fire Brigade was turned out at 14:05 to assist at the Caballo road, Guanaba, grass fire. The Operations Officer was Paul Graham (1st officer of Coomera Valley Rural Fire Brigade). The incident controller had requested additional appliances to help combat the grass fire. Both rural and urban crews from surrounding brigades assisted.

Tamborine Mountain 51 turned out with a crew of four including Maria, Greg, John H and Geoff R. Matt had arrived at the station shortly after Tamborine Mountain 51 was mobile to the incident. Matt was told to standby at the station in case more appliances were required. Shortly after that message was received the incident went from a 1st alarm to a 3rd alarm within the space of a few minutes. Matt was given the order to respond in Tamborine Mountain 41 with a crew of two. Jake having arrived at the station moments before. Upon arrival TM41 established fire ground channels with Firecom South East and made contact with an urban Alpha appliance who advised the location of where incident control was being established.

After arriving at incident control we met TM51.

Jake and Geoff switched vehicles before being tasked with moving down a small fire trail extinguishing any fires. TM41 lead the two trucks down the trail. Matt and Geoff doused numerous fires before moving on. As TM41 continued down the trail, water became of the issue as the 600L tank was drained rapidly as we put out fires. The decision was made to use TM51’s 1800L tank capacity as a water tanker of sorts, as the crew conveyed water from a Rural Fire Brigade tank at the incident control back down the fire trail to TM41 who would continue engaging the fire front. TM41 reached a T-Intersection in the fire trail where they had clear sight of the fire. Matt ran TM41’s 19mm hose out and attacked the fire directly leaving Geoff to man the pump, and assist TM51 in filling 41’s tank. Having now contained the fire front, TM4,1 with assistance from TM51’s crew began blacking out operations to prevent smouldering logs/trees from re igniting.
Once Blacking out operations had ceased TM41 was released and called in code 4 to Firecom South East, TM51 was also released shortly after. Both units were replenished, ready for training that night.

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